Metal circular connectors with push‐pull locking or break‐away function

Reliable and flexible
Over 5,000 mating cycles
Versatile configuration options
Protection classes IP50 and IP68

ODU MINI-SNAP® Connectors in four series: L, K, B and F – characterised by robust metal housings with different surfaces. With push-pull locking or break-away function, these metal circular connectors ensure secure and stable connections. And with an interface diameter of just 6.4 mm, they can also be installed in the smallest spaces.

Series L, K and B

  • Push‐pull locking or break‐away function
  • Pin and groover coding
  • 2 – 40 contacts / mixed assembly
  • 3 termination types: solder, crimp, print

Series F

  • Push‐pull locking or break‐away function
  • Half‐shell coding
  • 2 – 27 contacts / mixed assembly
  • 3 termination types: solder, crimp, print
Durability under harsh environments

Even under extreme ambient temperatures ranging from –40 °C to +120 °C, the ODU MINI‐SNAP® ensures a reliable connection.

Reliable locking

In an emergency, the break‐away function allows mating and demating in less than one second. Push‐pull locking ensures that the connection is extremely secure – once the metal connector is mated, the ODU MINI‐SNAP® locks itself into the receptacle. The connector can only be released by pulling back the outer sleeve, but not simply by pulling on the cable.

Versatile connection configurations

We offer a comprehensive assembly service: You choose the number of contacts, size, design, and cable connection. The ODU MINI‐SNAP® offers numerous configuration options – and thus a high degree of flexibility with minimal installation effort.

ODU MINI‐SNAP® – applications

Flexible, reliable, and compact: ODU MINI‐SNAP® is the right solution for applications in medical, communication, test and measurement technology, as well as industrial electronics.

Locking mechanisms - comparison

The ODU MINI‐SNAP® self‐locking mechanism allows easy unlocking simply by pulling back the outer shell.
This prevents unintentional unlocking by pulling on the cable.

Locking mechanism for Series L & K connectors

The ODU MINI‐SNAP® Series L and K metal circular connectors feature pin and groove coding.

Locking mechanism for Series F connectors

The ODU MINI‐SNAP® Series F metal circular connectors feature half‐shell coding.

ODU Fiber Optic – for reliable optical connections

Solutions for harsh environments and a high number of mating cycles, as well as for standard requirements.

Here’s how the half‐shell coding for the ODU MINI‐SNAP® Series F works

The half-shell coding of the ODU MINI-SNAP® Series F ensures error-free connections even in hard-to-reach areas, since it also allows blind mating. Thanks to the additional push-pull locking, the connector only unlocks when you want it to. Unintentional unlocking by pulling the cable is not possible. The plug only slides out of the receptacle when you pull on the outer sleeve.

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