The evolution of military optronics

Mühldorf am Inn, June 03, 2024

ODU presents pioneering connection solutions for demanding military operations

Optronics form an integral part of modern operational military equipment. They play a decisive role in the tactical superiority and safety of armed forces. From night vision technology and thermal imaging systems to enhanced head-up displays (HUDs) and augmented reality glasses, such optoelectronic systems are indispensable tools for military operations.

The use of highly sophisticated optronics in extreme environments and the high sensitivity of such systems present manufacturers with special challenges. In particular, the interfaces and connections of the optronics are a potential weak point that is considered crucial for the quality and reliability of the imaging.

Connectivity challenges for optronics:

  1. Break resistance: The connection systems have to withstand enormous tensile and torsional forces, which can lead to bent or broken contacts if they are not stable enough, thus impairing the functionality of the optronics.
  2. Environmental compatibility requirements: Military applications are increasingly becoming subject to environmental requirements. The connection systems should therefore comply with the RoHS guidelines so as not to pose a risk to the user or the environment.
  3. Protection against environmental influences: For a solution that can be used as flexibly as possible, the interfaces and connections of the optronics must be able to withstand extreme environmental conditions such as dust, water and shock. The goal here is to achieve the highest possible IP rating for protection against damage and failure.
  4. Reliability with the smallest foot-print: The connection solutions to be used must also lock securely in confined spaces without placing a long-term strain on the optronics. Conventional push-pull mechanisms increase the leverage effect on the connection due to their design and can therefore impair stability, especially in situations with vibration and shocks.


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