High voltage for your ODU-MAC® Blue-Line Connector

Mühldorf am Inn, August 31, 2020

The latest ODU‐MAC® Blue‐Line module ensures that high voltage can now also be transmitted within a Blue‐Line Connector. In total, the module range currently includes 31 variants. This expands the range of standard components that can be quickly and easily combined to create a custom connector, ensuring a high degree of flexibility for the user.

High voltages are required in the automotive industry, among others. For example, this 2‐contact high‐voltage module is already being used for high‐voltage measurements in battery storage systems. User safety is also ensured via touch protection for the high‐voltage module (up to 1000 V in accordance with DIN EN 61010–2–30:2010*).

Technical features at a glance:

  • Mating cycles: minimum 10,000
  • Contact diameter: 1.3 mm | 5 units | 2‐contact
  • Operating voltage up to 4000 V** at pollution degree 2
  • Partial discharge voltage tested in accordance with IEC 60664–1:2007
  • Current‐carrying capacity 12.5 A with 1.0 mm² conductor cross‐section


*Voltage may only be applied in the mated state. The minimum distances for touch protection are observed in accordance with DIN EN 61010–2–30:2010 Table 101. This touch protection is valid for voltages up to 1000 V.
**A version with increased maximum voltage is available on request.


Learn more about the ODU‐MAC® Blue‐Line or contact our team directly at sales@odu.de.