Need a high degree of vibration resistance? Locking Kit for ODU AMC® Easy‐Clean – for extra safety

Mühldorf am Inn, November 30, 2020

ODU offers an additional locking kit for the Easy‐Clean version of the ODU AMC®. The locking kit gives you screw locking alongside our proven break‐away function.

For example, the ODU AMC® Easy‐Clean can be used with a vehicle‐mounted radio set, which is secured by a 2‐in‐1 locking system in addition to the locking kit’s break‐away function. In this configuration, the data and signal transmissions are protected even more reliably against interrupted connections.

Easy retrofitting

Thanks to the simple break‐away function, the user can change interfaces quickly and flexibly. Upgrading your connector with the locking kit to make it more vibration resistant is straightforward, as the locking kit can be easily installed in a few simple steps.

How to order

You can order the locking kit for sizes 0,1 and 1.5. The kits are delivered as a complete package for retrofitting by the users themselves. In the package you will find a union nut with screw mechanism for the cable and a threaded nut for the receptacle.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Additional safety due to screw locking
  • High degree of vibration protection
  • Quick and easy to retrofit – directly by the customer