Connector solutions for military and security technology

Robust. Durable. Optimized for demanding applications. ODU connector solutions for military, security and communication technology offer high-speed data transmission with up to 70% less weight. Even in the smallest installation space, different transmission variants can be configured individually and modularly. The robust connectors are particularly suitable for military land platforms, unmanned systems, wearables for soldiers and customized solutions for special military applications and payloads.



Leading in size, weight and ergonomics

ODU connector solutions impress with up to 70 % less weight and a small space requirement for equipment. This means that operational forces can withstand the strain for longer and have the option of carrying additional equipment.
Especially for large military equipment such as vehicles, the reduced space requirement enables the integration of more interfaces in a limited space, which significantly increases user-friendliness.

Flexibility and modularity

The ODU-MAC® connectors offer a wide range of transmission options in just one interface. Signals, power, high current, high voltage, HF signals (coax), media such as air or fluids, data rates or fiber optics can be individually combined using modules - and adapted as required.


Reliable functionality under extreme operating and environmental conditions

The high load capacity and transmission reliability of our REACH and RoHS-compliant connector solutions are guaranteed even under the most technically demanding environmental conditions. The complete solutions are particularly suitable for military applications that require an additional level of safety or have to withstand special environmental conditions.

  • Pressure (IP6K9K), vibration or water (IP6K8)
  • Operating temperatures from -65 °C up to +175 °C
  • Various connection types and locking variants

Adapted to the needs of operational forces

Our complete solutions for military, security and communication technology ensure easier handling and maximum ergonomics in all situations thanks to practical connection systems. Intuitive handling is possible even when impaired by equipment such as gloves, night vision devices or thermal imaging devices.

  • Blind mating for constant usability
  • Quick and easy cleaning of the connectors in the field
  • High number of mating cycles
  • Wide range of locking options for modular connectors

Reliable data transmission

Flexible connection solutions, such as the use of conventional copper cables and fiber optics, enable us to achieve maximum transmission speed with minimum size. Signals, power, high and low voltage transmission as well as coax can be transmitted. Flawless signal integrity plays a particularly important role in highly networked system solutions. ODU sets new standards with application-optimized solutions.

Complete solutions for field assembly including cable assembly

ODU connector solutions are perfectly tailored to the requirements of your product - flexible, robust and lightweight. The system solution consisting of device part, cable and connector offers you the highest quality from a single source (with PCB connection and integration of additional intelligence e.g. EPROM). ODU offers the complete package with:

  • Connector
  • Assembly for cable connection via overmolding or with standard MIL backshells (MIL standard 38999),  as well as
  • connections to flex and PCB solutions on the device side.
Customer testimonial

Well-known customers trust in high-performance connection solutions from ODU: We develop customized solutions that are ideal for numerous military and security applications.

A key aspect of the collaboration between High Eye and ODU is the ability to customize and tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of their customers. This focus on innovation is what sets our collaboration apart and helps to ensure that we remain at the forefront of our respective industries.

"CT-MultiPTTs: The multifunctional and interoperable operating and control units from CeoTronics. In cooperation with ODU as a reliable partner for high-quality connectors, high-performance communication systems with a guaranteed future are created in combination with CT-ComLink® technology."

“We believe in long-term partnerships that are beneficial to both parties. Our relationship with ODU has continued to develop over the years thanks to the fact that we share the same goals: continuous innovation, a focus on the customer and a positive cost-benefit ratio.”

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