Fiber Optic

Speed is the defining characteristic of this system: Fiber Optic is the optimal connection technology whenever the highest data rates and fast, interference‐free transmissions are required. We deliver quality and stability – our high‐performance optical technologies can serve a wide and demanding range of applications.

Whether for particularly harsh environments, high mating cycles, or long transmission distances: ODU Fiber Optic is the ideal system solution for industrial outdoor use, medical technology, or standard applications in which speed and reliability are important.

Expanded Beam Performance

The Expanded Beam Performance technology is an enhanced Fiber Optic solution. It offers high‐quality transmission characteristics and a high number of mating cycles. The optical performance is maintained even under mechanical stress, environmental influences, and harsh ambient conditions.

  • Fiber types: singlemode and multimode
  • Configurations: Up to 12 fibers
  • Excellent optical insertion loss and return loss performance

Our smallest Fiber Optic system solution

This extremely compact Fiber Optic system solution is available with Expanded Beam, Physical Contact, and Polymer Optical Fiber technology. The robust, preassembled push‐pull connector with up to 5,000 mating cycles is available with standard interface connectors on the second side.

  • Low space requirements due to an outer diameter of 11 mm
  • Singlemode and multimode versions available
  • IP68 sealing in the mated condition via push‐pull locking

Technologies for future‐proof connections

With our state‐of‐the‐art technologies, such as Expanded Beam Technology or Physical Contact Technology, ODU Fiber Optic connections are future‐proof, durable, and can be optimized for the respective applications.

  • Durable connections with up to 100,000 mating cycles
  • For indoors, outdoors, and harsh environments
  • Robust and reliable optical connection

The preassembled system solution

Whether in circular connectors, modular connectors, or customized solutions: We guarantee 100% error‐free applications with our preassembled system solutions.

  • Maximum reliability through preassembled system solutions
  • All products are subjected to a 100% attenuation test
  • Cables and connectors are designed to ensure optimal compatibility

ODU Fiber Optic – applications

Whether as a non‐magnetic connection in medical technology, a robust connector in industrial outdoor applications, or as part of a mass interconnect solution: ODU Fiber Optic technology creates the perfect connection for demanding applications.

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Tailored to the demanding requirements of medicine, industry and military
  • Complete system solution for 100% reliability

Our sales team is waiting to assist you!

We work with you to develop a solution that perfectly meets your requirements. From planning and production to cable assembly: We combine all competencies under one roof and can also implement customized solutions for your project.

FAQ about ODU Fiber Optic

What are the advantages of fiber‐optic transmission besides high data rates?

There are also other benefits, such as reduced weight, smaller cable options, and the fact that the signal (light) within the fiber is also impervious to electromagnetic interference since no electrical signal is transmitted.

What is the difference between ODU interface connectors and standard versions?

Standard interface connectors are designed for indoor use, mainly for data centers. ODU system solutions with Fiber Optic technology, on the other hand, meet the requirements for harsh environments, a high number of mating cycles, as well as IP protection – and can thus be used in a more versatile manner.

What is meant by „fiber only“ and hybrid systems?

Fiber only“ refers to a purely fiber‐optic system solution that does not contain any copper contacts.

Hybrid means that the system can be simultaneously used for data (via optical or plastic fiber) and power or signals (via copper).

Are there different types of contact systems in the ODU connectors?

Yes, there are three different contact systems, each with different core properties.

Expanded Beam

  • Low loss levels even under harsh conditions  
  • Robust and reliable optical connection (less cleaning required)  
  • Contact system is rated for 100,000 mating cycles

Expanded Beam Performance

  • Fiber types: Singlemode and Multimode
  • Configurations: 2 to 12 fibers
  • Outstanding optical performance

Physical Contact  

  • Multimode and single‐mode versions available  
  • Up to 1,000 mating cycles  
  • Polymer Optical Fiber  

Polymer Optical Fiber  

  • POF system solutions for harsh environments  
  • High flexural strength (impervious to temperature fluctuations)  
  • Cost‐efficient optical connection for short transmission distances 
What’s the difference between Physical Contact and Expanded Beam?

Physical Contact refers to the direct contacting of the ferrule tips within the ODU connector. The end faces contact each other with a predefined spring force to ensure low‐loss light transmission.

Expanded Beam means that the light is expanded by means of a special lens in the contact system to extend the transmission range between the contacts. The end faces do not touch, making them more resistant to dirt and suitable for a higher number of mating cycles.

What does PC or APC mean?

PC stands for „Physical Contact“ and describes a straight (0°),  polished end face of the fiber.

APC stands for „Angled Physical Contact“ and describes the end face of the fiber, which is polished at an angle (8°).

Which fiber types does ODU use as standard?
  • Multimode: In multimode glass fibers, the light signal is transmitted in the core of the fiber (50μm) via deflection at the interface to the cladding glass.
  • Singlemode: In singlemode glass fibers, light is transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver without reflection in the core of the fiber (9μm).
  • POF Polymer Optical Fiber: In fibers made of special plastic, the light signal is transmitted in the core of the fiber (980μm) via deflection at the interface to the cladding.
Which ODU connectors are available as Fiber Optic system solutions?

Fiber Optic solutions are available for all main product series, including ODU MINI‐SNAP®, ODU MEDI‐SNAP®, ODU AMC® and ODU‐MAC®. We offer both pure fiber‐optic and hybrid versions.

Are Fiber Optic products offered as system solutions?

The technologies are designed as fully assembled Fiber Optic system solutions for the respective applications. To ensure a 100% error‐free connection, the entire system solution should always be based on fiber optics. A connector can only meet the requirements for the customer’s application in combination with the right cable.

What should be considered with regard to cleaning the products?

With our Fiber Optic range, cleaning is always very important to ensure good signal integrity. If dust or other particles reach the end surface of the contacts, the signal will either be blocked or transmitted at a reduced data rate. Therefore, it’s important to ensure proper cleaning of the components and to select the appropriate contact system for the respective applications. The corresponding cleaning instructions can be found here: Expanded Beam, Expanded Beam Performance and Physical Contact.