Modular Docking Interface

The individually configurable interface for power and signal distribution

Rated voltage up to 1,500 V (DC) / 1,000 V (AC)
At least 10,000 mating cycles
Rated current up to 865 A

The Modular Docking Interface (MDI) is particularly suitable for test and measurement applications in the field of battery testing of electric vehicles or hybrid electric vehicles (EV / HEV) as well as for climatic test chambers, but can also be used for different applications.

  • Available as single component or complete docking system
  • Touch protection optional
  • Tolerance compensation:
    • XY direction for the complete system: ±2 mm
    • Z-direction (mating direction): max. 3 mm
  • PE via separate contact pair
  • Earth connection for touchable metal parts (guide system)
  • High flexibility
  • At least 10,000 mating cycles
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