Mobile air cleaning against Corona viruses with the ProClean AGV

Mühldorf am Inn, April 22, 2021

Regular hand disinfection has become routine, even in everyday work. Even the air is disinfected at the workplace with the autonomous disinfection robot, developed in a cooperation between ProLog Automation and ProLog AirClean.

ProLog AirClean is a manufacturer and distributing company of air cleaning devices to purify the air from unwanted extras, such as the coronavirus. ProLog uses ODU connectors in devices.

Today, clean indoor air is more important than ever before. ProClean AGV offers an innovative solution in the shape of a mobile cleaning device which cleans and disinfects the air. The vehicle is equipped with a purification unit that has been proven to reduce dangerous viruses, such as the current SARS‐CoV‐2 and many other airborne pathogens. For this purpose, the robot moves autonomously from room to room and moves around in the individual rooms to capture as much air as possible. An ODU MAC® Blue‐Line Docking Connector provides a secure connection between the mobile substructure and the body of the cleaning unit.