ODU SPRINGTAC® Flatsocket – applications

Quick-change head

In accordance with the ODU QCH (quick‐change head) principle, the socket has a contact pin termination instead of a conventional cable termination. The contact pin can be mated with an ODU SPRINGTAC® or ODU LAMTAC® Socket installed in an assembled connector (base part).  Sockets with a quick‐change head termination are integrated in an insulator (interchangeable part),  which can be front‐mounted to the connector.

This allows the test adapter to be replaced quickly and easily – without the need for reassembly. The use of a wide variety of interchangeable parts ensures maximum flexibility for your production process.

Replica connector enables a high number of test cycles

Test procedures in the automotive sector often place high demands on connectors – a high number of mating cycles with consistent contact resistance are a must for reliable test results, e. g., when testing field returns.

An economical solution was developed by the customer SMART TESTSOLUTIONS Installed connectors with a low number of mating cycles are replaced by a replica that can withstand significantly more mating cycles. This means that the shape and connector face are reproduced, true to the original, and the interior is equipped with high‐quality ODU SPRINGTAC® Flatsockets.

    Benefits for the user:
    • The test wiring harness lasts forever and does not need replacement
    • The test components do not get scratched during testing
    • Wear‐free mating and more than 50,000 mating cycles thanks to springwire technology

    4‐wire measurement

    The ODU SPRINGTAC® Flatsocket is suitable for 4‐wire measurement (Kelvin measurement),  a standard measuring method for precise measurement of low electrical resistance. The special feature of this flatsocket is the two contact halves, which guarantee optimal results.

    With more than 50,000 mating cycles, it is ideally suited for use in testing applications.