Precise temperature measurement with the thermocouple module — ODU-MAC®

Mühldorf am Inn, December 15, 2021

A new module is available for the ODU-MAC® White-Line and Silver-Line product lines. It can be used as a reliable interface in a measurement chain in the high-temperature range. The module is based on a process in which a voltage is generated between two wires made of different materials (thermocouple). The thermal influence on the temperature sensor causes a variation in the voltage (thermoelectric effect), whereby the voltage change allows the precise temperature to be determined.

The 6-contact ODU-MAC® module can be equipped with up to three thermocouples. It stands out thanks to a long service life of at least 5,000 mating cycles as well as an optimal price-performance ratio. In addition, its compact design saves valuable space inside the connector. The thermocouple is available with type K and T pin or socket crimp contacts. Other types are available on request. The module is delivered with punched contacts that feature clear color coding. The contacts are assembled in the module in the usual way in accordance with the clip-in principle. 

Thermal measurements in the high-temperature range are typically required in blast furnaces – for example, in steel production. Such measurements are also carried out in large industrial plants and test stations. For this reason, the thermoelectric cables can also be designed as a hybrid connector solution.

The thermocouple module (including cable assembly) can be integrated into your connector for an off-the-shelf solution.