ODU AMC® Series T – the 3 in 1 locking variants for reliable use

Mühldorf am Inn, April 27, 2022

In the field of military applications and for security companies, the increasing complexity of tasks is also rapidly raising the requirements profile for the technology used. This applies in particular to the reliability and flexibility of the connector systems used.

Weight reduction, robustness, easy handling and fast cleaning can be life-decisive in extreme cases, as can the secure transmission of high data volumes. Civilian rescue forces and applications, such as in mining, agriculture and forestry, also benefit from this development.

A major advantage is the ODU AMC® Series T – the T stands for Triple. It offers three compatible locking variants on one device part. Depending on the situation, the locking requirements are different.

  • The Thread-Lock is particularly suitable for applications that have to deal with extremely strong vibrations.
  • The Break-Away is designed to release the connection with manual force, allowing quick and easy disconnection in critical situations.
  • The Push-Pull mechanism reliably locks into the device section and the ball-lock system provides additional support, ensuring interference-free data transmission.

The ODU AMC® Series T combines the three locking variants - so that interfaces can be reduced across systems and have the same interface.