Contacts with lamella technology

Thermally stable
High current‐carrying capacity
Cable assembly included
Up to 10,000 mating cycles

The high‐performance ODU LAMTAC® contact system enables reliable connections at high temperatures of +150 °C and with current loads of up to 2,400 A. Depending on the design, one or more stamped lamella strips are installed in the turned bodies. The individual louvres on the lamellae provide a large number of contact points.

  • Particularly shock resistant and durable
  • Current‐carrying capacity of up to 2,400 A
  • High vibration resistance and contact safety
  • Low contact resistance
High current-carrying capacity

Due to the high‐quality coating, the contact system achieves a service life of up to 10,000 mating cycles. The laminated contacts can withstand current loads of up to 2,400 A and temperatures of up to 150 °C. ODU LAMTAC® ensures a constant connection – even with high‐current contacts.

Low contact resistance

The large number of parallel lamella louvres ensures low, stable contact resistance. This ensures permanently reliable transmission. In addition, the large number of contact points guarantees high contact safety and vibration resistance.


ODU LAMTAC® is even suitable for installation in hard‐to‐reach areas and locations with space constraints. Special materials and state‐of‐the‐art manufacturing processes ensure optimal performance with the smallest possible footprint.


ODU LAMTAC® Contact Technology can be easily modified and adapted to suit a wide range of requirements. This is made possible thanks to a large modular system of different standard contact lamellae, materials, coating options and connection technologies.


The ODU LAMTAC® Contact System is easily scalable and available in a wide range of dimensions, from contact diameters of 1.5 mm to 16 mm and even larger. It can thus be flexibly adapted to the required current‐carrying capacity.


Gold is among the most corrosion resistant precious metals that are commonly used as contact coatings. It does not corrode even when exposed to aggressive environmental influences (e. g., dirt, weather, chemicals, etc.) for a prolonged period. This means that its contact properties do not degrade over time.

ODU LAMTAC® – applications

Thanks to their robust and compact design, ODU LAMTAC® Contacts are suitable for applications in industry, test and measurement technology, as well as the automotive sector (among others).

ODU Fiber Optic – for reliable optical connections

Solutions for harsh environments and a high number of mating cycles, as well as for standard requirements.

ODU LAMTAC® with lamella technology

Experience the outstanding properties of the ODU LAMTAC® Contact System with lamella technology. With maximum current‐carrying capacity and high thermal stability, these contacts are the perfect choice for all high‐current contacting requirements across a broad spectrum of high‐power applications. Their minimal power loss enables maximum performance, even in the smallest of spaces.