Metal connectors with „pogo‐pin“ contact system

Extremely robust and sturdy housing
Quick and easy cleaning
Contact inserts with pogo pins
Over 5,000 mating cycles

ODU AMC® Easy‐Clean ensures reliable transmissions and can be cleaned quickly even under the most adverse conditions. The practical connector design features an internal „pogo pin“ contact system that makes it easy to remove dirt from the plug, even in demanding military use.

  • Waterproof in accordance with protection class IP6K8 and IP6K9K
  • Operating temperature range from –51°C to +125°C
  • 7 – 19 contacts
  • Low space requirements, minimal physical effort required for mating
  • 3 sizes
New locking kit for additional screw locking

Additional screw locking: The new locking kit for the Easy‐Clean version of the ODU AMC® Connector ensures an incredibly secure connection. The locking kit provides screw locking in addition to the original break‐away function. Whenever stronger vibrations occur, this locking system provides additional security during your mission.

Everything you need from a single source

Complete systems from a single source: Connectors, termination technology, and cables – we supply the customized complete solution for your application.

ODU AMC® Easy‐Clean Locking Kit for fast retrofitting

A locking kit is now available for the Easy‐Clean version of the ODU AMC® product series. The kit can be retrofitted and provides additional screw locking.