Contacts in turned and slotted version

Extremely robust
Elastic contact fingers
Cable assembly included
Up to 10,000 mating cycles

The ODU TURNTAC® Contact System ensures reliable connections even under high loads thanks to the elastic contact fingers. You can choose between different sizes in order to customize the contacts to your application. Even with particularly small contact diameters, ODU TURNTAC® convinces thanks to its durable contact properties.

  • Low and stable mating and demating forces
  • Tiniest dimensions possible, down to 0.3 mm contact diameter
  • Mating possible at an angle of up to a 5°
  • Up to 10,000 mating cycles
Robust and flexible contact design

Due to the elastic contact fingers, misalignment by up to 5 degrees is possible with the ODU TURNTAC® Contact System. The slotted contact offers two or four contact areas, depending on the version. This guarantees a stable contact!

Tiniest contact diameters possible

The contact system is available with contact dimensions as small as 0.3 mm diameter. Thanks to the spring‐loaded contact fingers, ODU TURNTAC® is the right solution wherever installation space is limited – secure connections are guaranteed.


The outer contours and termination area can be adapted in accordance with different installation situations. Special contours, tightness surfaces, and other requirements can be flexibly implemented.


Gold is among the most corrosion resistant precious metals that are commonly used as contact coatings. It does not corrode even when exposed to aggressive environmental influences (e. g., dirt, weather, chemicals, etc.) for a prolonged period. This means that its contact properties do not degrade over time.

Mating and demating forces

The ODU TURNTAC® Contacts are characterized by especially low and stable mating and demating forces. As a result, they ensure optimum mating behavior.

ODU TURNTAC® – applications

ODU TURNTAC® is the right solution for reliable connectors for applications in industry, automation, or the automotive sector, among others.

ODU Fiber Optic – for reliable optical connections

Solutions for harsh environments and a high number of mating cycles, as well as for standard requirements.

The robust option when it comes to electrical contacts

Learn about the key benefits of our turned and slotted ODU TURNTAC® Contacts at a glance. This universal contact system combines the very best contact properties and high quality with economic prices. Thanks to its extraordinarily robust design, this contact system excels if misalignment occurs on mating, even in harsh environments.