The modular system solution for high-current and high-voltage

Mühldorf am Inn, May 08, 2024

Full power. With electrification on the rise, high-current and high-voltage are now fundamental requirements. As electrification has increased, so has the demand for a connector with larger contacts in order to transmit higher currents and higher voltages. This is why development of the ODU-MAC® Power Connector began around two years ago.

A dream come true: the ODU-MAC® Power Connector

Until now, this latest product solution has been listed on our website under the heading “Products you dream of” for specific applications. Now the ODU-MAC® Power Connector has become a dream come true among modular connectors.

The ODU-MAC® Power Connector connects high-voltage and high-current transmission with up to 600 A per connector, with two bridged contacts using a busbar.

The IP2X touch protection ensures increased safety for users. Thanks to the ODU LAMTAC® Flex, low mating and demating forces can be achieved. The possible applications for the ODU-MAC® Power Connector include eMobility, end-of-line testing and high-voltage testing.

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