Make appointments for webinars and expert talks

You need compact information on a specific topic? Whether products, technologies or any other questions, our experts will be happy to explain and show you possible solutions face‐to‐face or in larger groups.

Mass Interconnect – introduction to the topic and brief overview

Find out more about the flexibility of the Mass Interconnect solution. ODU‐MAC® Black‐Line offers a modular concept that suits your individual requirements.

Ask for a live demonstration of the product in a personal webinar meeting with our expert Maximilian Baumann.

Expert panel on the IEC standard 60601–1 „Medical Device”

In this webinar Business Development Manager Mathias Wuttke and Design Engineer Manfred Hiller inform you about new developments and the content of IEC standard 60601–1.

The focus is on the patient and operator protection – 2 MOPP & 2 MOOP – depending on the safety categories: B, BF and CF.

Silicone-overmolded system solutions

In this webinar Business Development Manager Mathias Wuttke and Product Manager Rudolf Weidenspointner inform you about our silicone-overmolded system solutions.

Connector Solutions for Hardware in the Loop

Get first-hand technical expertise from our speaker Bernhard Säckl (Head of PM Rectangular Connectors) about Modular Connectors for the field of Hardware in the Loop.