UXV Technologies and ODU GmbH

sign Memorandum of Understanding on Development of Equipment for Next Generation Mounted and Dismounted Soldier Ecosystem

Mühldorf & Washington, D.C., October 09, 2023

UXV Technologies, a leading producer of technologies for unmanned systems and defense robotics, and ODU GmbH, a leading supplier of connector systems, are delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for a strategic partnership for development of equipment for next generation mounted and dismounted soldier ecosystem, including data and power management hubs, high-performance connectors and associated equipment.

Today marks a significant milestone for UXV Technologies as they introduce two groundbreaking products within this soldier ecosystem: the HeXa Hub and the Pico Hub. These hubs are highly operational, advanced, and cost-effective solutions for soldier-mounted data and power management. These hubs are optimized for the Nett Warrior system and have been engineered for seamlessly integration with MOLLE, ensuring optimal utility and ergonomic comfort for soldiers in the field.

Earlier this year, UXV Technologies unveiled for the mounted and dismounted soldier ecosystem the Soldier Borne Compute Module, a dynamic data and power management hub offering the option of an integrated Nvidia or ModalAI computer and compatibility with Swappable Radio Modules (SRMs).

ODU will supply high-performance connectors for products within the mounted and dismounted soldier ecosystem. Commenting on the partnership, Robert Klemisch, Managing Director of ODU GmbH, expressed his enthusiasm: "I am very excited to embark on this partnership with UXV Technologies. A collaboration with a pioneer in unmanned systems and defense robotics is a crucial step in our journey to enhance the integration of high-performance connectors."

Steven Friberg, CEO of UXV Technologies, also shared his excitement about the partnership's potential: "Today, we are taking a significant leap forward in advancing the equipment for the next generation of the mounted and dismounted soldier ecosystem. UXV is committed to providing pioneering innovations within this domain to deliver cost-effective, high-performance equipment to end-users. With this Memorandum of Understanding, we are strengthening our collaboration with ODU, and I am excited about the prospects that this partnership can bring."

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