Product safety notice & disclaimers

Data transmission protocols

The contact arrangement of an ODU data transmission connector differs from a standard data transmission connector due to the robust ODU specific design. However, the ODU design meets the electrical specifications that are derived from the respective standard data transmission protocol.

Explanations and details of safety requirements, inspections, and voltage data

The connectors listed on this website are intended for use in high voltage and frequency ranges. Suitable precautionary measures must be taken to ensure that people do not come into contact with live conductors during installation and operation. All entries on this website were thoroughly reviewed before publishing. ODU reserves the right to make changes based on the current state of knowledge without prior notice without being obliged to provide replacement deliveries or refinements of older designs.


All dimensions are in mm. Some figures are for illustrative purposes only. Subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions excepted. We reserve the right to change our products and their technical specifications at any time in the interest of technical improvement.