Military vehicles - Functionality under extreme operating and environmental conditions

Mühldorf am Inn, September 25, 2023

Military vehicles face a variety of challenges in the field. The missions are characterized by demanding environmental conditions as well as extreme weather conditions. Impassable terrain, different soil conditions, but also heat, cold, precipitation and dust must not impair performance. In addition, it must be possible for military units to network with each other. This requires the transmission of even higher data rates. Depending on the application and transmission distances, the use of optical fibers is unavoidable.

Complexity requires a multi-product solution for connectors

The requirements for the transmission of current, high voltage, data technology or fiber optics are so different that they usually cannot be integrated into one connector. Therefore, a multi-product solution is sought. ODU offers the advantage of a one-stop-shop. Standard cable assemblies are offered for various data technology protocols: USB, HDMI, Displayport or coax connector. Often, the connected subsystem is crucial. For this reason, for example does a reconnaissance device or other optotronics require high-frequency connectors that ensure connection to printed circuit boards. On the other hand, a HUB in the vehicle ensures data exchange via an Ethernet hub.

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