ODU-MAC® White-Line

Connector for manual mating

Manual mating
High failure and contact safety
Minimum 100,000 mating cycles
Optionally available with cable assembly

The ODU‐MAC® White‐Line is a high‐quality, modular connector system – reliable, robust, and vibration resistant. Ergonomic handling is guaranteed thanks to simple locking options and a variety of plastic and metal housings. Based on a modular principle, a range of modules allow you to adapt the connector to your requirements.

  • High vibration resistance
  • > 30 high‐speed inserts in the field of data technology
  • Consistently low contact resistance
  • Numerous locking options (e. g., snap‐in, spindle, lever)
  • White housing variants available
  • Non‐magnetic version available
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Manual mating

Various locking types are available for manual mating: snap‐in, spindle, lever, or transverse locking. The modular design allows you to configure your rectangular connector entirely according to your needs – including tailored cable assembly.

Optionally 100% non‐magnetic

The ODU MAC® White‐Line Connectors are optionally available as non‐magnetic versions. You are thus guaranteed reliable results for specialist applications, such as magnetic resonance imaging.

High-speed data transmission

With high‐speed data transmission becoming increasingly important for industry and medical technology, we offer more than 30 different high‐speed applications in the field of data technology.

ODU‐MAC® Product Finder

Which type of connector do you need? Our online tool lets you easily configure your modular connector to suit your requirements. ODU Express ensures rapid availability of your ordered connectors.

ODU Fiber Optic – for reliable optical connections

Solutions for harsh environments and a high number of mating cycles, as well as for standard requirements.

The housing highlights from the ODU‐MAC® White‐Line

ODU-MAC® ZERO with snap-in locking

Space‐saving, non‐magnetic, and modular! The ODU MAC® ZERO Housing allows transmission of a wide range of signals, power, as well as data and coax modules. The plastic housing parts feature integrated rails and thus dispense with any magnetic components.

ODU‐MAC® RAPID with spindle locking

Fast mounting and secure locking! The ODU‐MAC® RAPID Housing with spindle locking offers significant time savings during assembly and servicing. You benefit from fast configuration and assembly of the connector thanks to the half‐shell principle.

Versatile ODU-MAC® RAPID – simply changeable

The ODU-MAC® RAPID connector is the right solution if you want to remain flexible. Why? Learn about its key features in this short, concise video. Why waste time? Get more information now!