Tightness for vacuum applications

Vacuum‐tight. Watertight. Dust‐tight: The tightness requirements for electrical transmission interfaces are becoming increasingly demanding. Whether you need IP‐tested standard connectors or hermetically sealed connections for high‐pressure applications – at ODU you will find connections and customized special solutions that meet even the most challenging demands for reliable tightness. Customized, reliable, secure.

  • Connector systems with standard tightness
  • Vacuum‐tight connector systems with glass potting technology for extremely high pressures
  • Many years of know‐how for customized special solutions
  • Autoclavable complete solutions

Applications for sealed connectors

In the deep sea, for power generation and high‐voltage applications, ODU’s sealed connectors are used wherever absolute tightness is required under challenging conditions.

For example, our sealed connectors ensure vital air and lighting for deep‐sea divers. Redundant, high‐density connections that remain watertight despite pressures of several hundred bar ensure failure protection and efficient control of hydropower plants. And for high‐voltage connectors in high vacuum, we have developed a special class of connector in collaboration with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

These are just a few of the specialist applications for ODU sealed connectors. All of these products underline our ability and determination to take on and master even the greatest challenges.

Quality assurance and control

Each step towards production of your sealed connectors is handled directly on our premises. This includes, above all, the potting, pressing, and mold compression for the respective components.

In special production rooms, we monitor temperature, humidity, and purity in order to deliver maximum quality under consistent conditions.

Our manufacturing processes are continuously monitored and controlled. This contributes to our high standards when it comes to quality assurance, which we apply throughout the development phase and during series production.

Customized special solutions

In addition to our standard solutions, we can develop customized connectors specifically for your requirements.

Our sales team is waiting to assist you!

We work with you to develop a solution that perfectly meets your requirements. From planning and production to cable assembly: We combine all competencies under one roof and can also implement customized solutions for your project.