Precision for test and measurement technology

Precision is everything here! We offer high‐performance connectors that ensure reliable testing and resilient results for mating and docking solutions. ODU Connector Systems are ideal for a wide range of test and measurement applications.

  • Reliable, robust, and impervious to harsh environments
  • High contact density
  • High number of mating cycles
  • Exact transmission of various measurement data
  • Hybrid connector solutions – modular systems
  • Cable assembly included

Combination of multiple transmission modes

Our connector solutions ensure secure connections for a wide range of requirements. Signals, power, high current, high voltage, RF signals (coax),  media such as air or fluids, data, and fiber‐optic signals can all be reliably transmitted.

Tightness requirements

The tightness requirements for electrical transmission interfaces are becoming increasingly challenging. ODU has the necessary expertise and experience to develop and manufacture hermetically sealed connectors – vacuum‐tight, watertight, and dust‐tight.

  • In‐depth materials expertise
  • Application‐specific selection of available tightness methods 
  • Mastery of different potting techniques 
  • Autoclavability for stringent safety and hygiene requirements
  • Extensive FEM calculations

High‐speed data technology

We offer the highest transmission speeds for maximum data throughput – based on professional cable assembly and the use of high‐quality components.

  • High transfer rates and speeds 
  • Optimal signal integrity 
  • Rugged, vibration resistant, and waterproof 

Diverse interfaces

ODU offers solutions tailored to individual requirements.

Ready for use „out of the box”

Your preassembled connector is ready for immediate use. Our connector systems are manufactured in accordance with the applicable standards in the respective markets. This means you can relax in the knowledge that your ODU system solution is precisely adapted to your application and complies with the standards for your specific field of work.

High contact density

The high contact density of our connectors makes them the optimal solution, even with limited installation space. Reliable contact technology from ODU is always based on the right combination of different contact properties, such as the contact resistance, contact force, contact safety, mating cycles, as well as the mating and demating forces – tailored to your application.

Customer testimonial

Well-known customers trust in high-performance connection solutions from ODU: We develop customized solutions that are ideal for a wide range of test and measurement applications.

"With ODU, we’ve found a partner who is super easy to collaborate with and who fully responds to our needs and specifications. ODU has always had an open mind when it comes to special solutions and making improvements on existing component parts. They’ve helped us design special connectors and sockets. This isn’t always easy, but it’s doable."

Product Solutions