Take care of the electrical contacts of the connector

April 20, 2023

High quality connectors are important components in many electrical systems. You want to take care of the connectors to protect the investment and to avoid downtime. Checking, cleaning and lubricating the electrical contacts can make a positive difference.  

The ODU Service Kit is applicable to all ODU products. Watch the short video to see how.


In end-of-line testing, connectors enduring a high number of mating cycles need extra care. Over time, dirt may build up inside the connector. If not removed, the dirt can cause wear-and-tear on the plating of the electrical contacts. This can make the contact resistance increase, or cause periodic errors. 

Connectors in measurement systems and other analogue applications also need service checks to ensure a low, stabile contact resistance.

The same goes for connectors in vibrating applications, where micro movements make the electrical contacts move or rub against each other. This can cause wear-and-tear on the plating.

Clean and lubricate regularly

Problems can be prevented by checking, cleaning and lubricating the electrical contacts regularly. This will lower the mating and de-mating forces, minimize the wear and tear of the contacts, reduce the number of periodic errors – and eventually prolong the service life of the connector.

Only use lubricants developed for the specific electrical contacts, as the wrong lubricant may have a negative effect on the performance.