Robust ODU connectors and sealing technologies

Mühldorf am Inn, January 11, 2024

Corrosion resistance and reliability in military applications

Equipment deployed in military operations is often exposed to extreme conditions including adverse weather with a lot of moisture, salt water and other environmental influences. This can potentially result in corrosion problems with the equipment used and thereby lead to a loss of data and communication and, in the worst case, endanger the soldiers and the mission. The manufacturers choice of high-quality materials in combination with a suitable protective surface handling treatment and high specification interface sealants reduces corrosion susceptibility, extends the service life of equipment and increases the operational readiness of the troops.

Highest requirements for corrosion resistance of connectors

Connectors must meet the corrosion resistance requirements of electronic systems. Constant exposure to salty air and water, changing temperatures and mechanical stresses require robust solutions. In an extensive salt spray test, tin-nickel coated ODU AMC connectors were tested over an extended period of time under simulated military conditions. The results showed excellent corrosion resistance even under extreme conditions. Due to the high corrosion and oxidation resistance, the electrical performance is maintained, which leads to a significant reduction in maintenance costs and an increase in system availability in military use.

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