ODU MINI‐SNAP® – applications

Automotive crash test system for data acquisition

Highly reliable measurement results are essential in crash tests and sensor technology – this is the only way to make automotive traffic safer and drastically reduce the number of injuries suffered by vehicle occupants. The 36 ODU MINI‐SNAP® Series L receptacles ensure reliable transmission of signals, even when exposed to extreme shock and vibration. The metal housing is robust; the push‐pull locking protects against unintentional disconnection.

The modular on‐board data acquisition system consists of three independently functioning modules. KiDAU from Kistler includes a crash‐test recorder and interchangeable SD panel attachments.

Combination plug for analysis computer

On this flue gas analyzer, an ODU MINI‐SNAP® Push‐Pull connector ensures maximum measuring efficiency. Due to the mixed assembly of the plug, the temperature, analysis results, and tension can be read out via a single measurement.

The device is handy, lightweight, and also robust and intuitive to operate. All measured and calculated values can be read out at a glance.

Coating inspections

UK‐based Elcometer Ltd is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of test equipment for the coating, concrete, and metal‐detection industries. ODU-UK Ltd. had the opportunity to work with Elcometer’s development team at their headquarters in Manchester – to assist in the development of the MTG2 coating thickness gauge by providing a custom mixing insert for the ODU MINI‐SNAP® Series L circular connector.

The MTG2 mobile coating thickness gauge makes it possible to measure the material thickness directly on site, even in hard‐to‐reach areas. It enables easy measurement of the material thickness and sound velocity of coated and uncoated surfaces.

The next generation of rebreathers

A rebreather system circulates breathing gas around the diver allowing them to “re-breathe” the air, instead of exhaling gas straight out into the water as in a scuba system. This makes rebreathers highly efficient as well as silent and bubble-free, making the diver a natural part of the underwater environment.

On this high-end rebreather, customized ODU MINI-SNAP® connectors ensure a safe connection under demanding conditions. The screw locking avoids accidental demating and the tightness is guaranteed by two O-rings.