A small insight

Customized solutions in the application

Device for plasma medicine

To simplify the treatment of wounds that are difficult to heal, ODU has developed an application‐specific connector solution for a plasma‐medicine device that transmits high voltages of up to 10 kV.

The cold plasma technology creates an effective wound dressing for chronic wounds, such as those caused by diabetes. The cold plasma kills germs and promotes the growth of blood vessels, which accelerates wound healing.

Heater for hot runner technology

For the BlueFlow® heater from GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik, ODU developed a new, customized solution with a ceramic insulator that can withstand temperatures in excess of 300°C and has a load capacity up to 230 V. It also features push‐pull locking for direct connection to the heater.

As a result, the heating system is able to adjust the heating power to exactly match the demand in each section of the nozzle and thus achieve a homogeneous temperature in the hot‐runner nozzle. Read more in Issue 01/2020 of STECKVERBINDER!