Perfect connections, all over the world. Welcome to ODU.

ODU is among the leading international suppliers of connector systems. Our company employs 2,500 people around the world. The group of companies has its headquarters in Mühldorf am Inn, Germany, roughly 80 kilometres (50 miles) east of Munich. ODU also has production and logistics sites in Sibiu (Romania), Camarillo (USA), Shanghai (China) and Tijuana (Mexico).

Executive Management

ODU is managed by Dr. Ing. Kurt Woelfl (Technical Manager and spokesman of the management board),  Dr. Josef Leitner (Commercial Manager) and Denis Giba (Sales Manager). Together, they shape ODU’s motto: With creativity, inventiveness and innovative strength, we actively shape our company’s future and create value for our customers.

Quality Management

ODU pursues a consistent quality strategy that encompasses all stages of the development and production processes and all company divisions. In this context, we place a special emphasis on the control and optimization of our products, suppliers and customer service. We see ourselves as a learning company – based on open and constructive communication that ensures maximum quality awareness and a high capacity for innovation.

Environment and social responsibility

Our certification

Environmental protection enjoys a high priority at ODU. Our modern production facilities ensure that our manufacturing processes are as environmentally friendly and resource‐saving as possible across all phases. Certified as sustainable in accordance with the 14001 environmental standard.

Social responsibility

We view compliance as a central pillar of effective and sustainable corporate governance. For us, it means much more than merely complying with the law. ODU stands for social responsibility – we have embedded this in our own Code of Conduct.

In-house competence

For 80 years, ODU has stood for competence, reliability, and innovation. We develop, produce, and assemble our solutions in‐house – to guarantee unbeatable quality and the highest standards of service.

Did you know … ?

… ODU Connectors are installed in life‐saving equipment, such as heart‐lung machines?

… ODU provides its customers with free sample boxes tailored to their specific requirements?

… ODU has its own digital stage at its headquarters in Mühldorf, where product videos, webinars, livestreams, and expert panels (among other things), are recorded and published?