Silicone-overmolded system solutions directly from the connector specialist

Mühldorf am Inn, January 12, 2023

ODU looks back on 80 years of company history and established itself early as a globally active connector specialist with currently over 2,500 employees – 1,400 of them at the headquarters in Mühldorf am Inn (Germany).

The company is known for its extensive portfolio of high-quality contacts and connectors, which are usually not usable for customers without subsequent processing. "A plug itself can only meet one part of the customer's requirement. The connection system desired by the customer is always an interplay of ODU connector, connection technology and suitable cable," says Rudolf Weidenspointner – Head of Product Management Cable Assembly & Technologies. In applications where, for example, high currents or temperatures act, high data rates are transmitted via copper or fiber optic cables and tightness is important, it is not enough to simply offer a high-quality connector and ignore the connection technology or cable assembly. Only in conjunction with the appropriate cable and a process-reliable connection can a connector meet the requirements of the respective customer application. If the complete solution comes from a single source, ODU can also guarantee the reliability of the cable assembly.


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