The IEC 60601-1 compliant circular connector: ODU MINI-SNAP®

Mühldorf am Inn, June 24, 2021

The ODU MINI‐SNAP® range includes inserts that are specifically designed to comply with the levels of user and patient protection prescribed by IEC 60601–1 (2 MOOP/ 2 MOPP) – making them the first choice for anyone looking for a circular connector with a metal housing for medical applications.

The approval procedures for electrical medical products and systems are highly complex due to the requirements of the IEC 60601–1 standard. Therefore, involving ODU in the design‐in‐process from the outset will result in lower product development costs and a significantly simplified risk management process. Furthermore, lengthy approval procedures can be fast‐tracked if the components are already fully compliant with IEC 60601–1 upon delivery by the supplier. This is yet another benefit of this addition to our standard product range.


  • Robust metal housing
  • Advanced electromagnetic shielding capabilities
  • Connector with high mechanical strength
  • Available in 3 sizes with a wide range of configuration options
  • Inserts fit in ODU MINI‐SNAP® Connectors of the L and K series
  • Reverse‐gender use is possible
  • Up to 500 autoclaving cycles
  • Rated current‐carrying capacity 7A
  • Customized cable assemblies with or without silicone overmolding

Another IEC 60601-1 compliant product series is the ODU MEDI‐SNAP®.

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