ODU offers innovative thermocouple module for all modular connectors

Mühldorf am Inn, June 26, 2023

The thermocouple module was specially developed as an interface for high-temperature measurement chains. It is ideally suited for use in demanding environments such as blast furnaces in steel production as well as in large industrial plants and test cabinets. In addition to the ODU-MAC® White-Line and Silver-Line, it is now also available in the Blue-Line and thus in all modular connectors.

The operation of the high temperature measuring module is simple and effective. It creates a voltage between two wires made of different materials called a thermocouple. When temperatures are applied to the temperature sensor, the voltage generated varies due to the thermoelectric effect. These voltage changes enable extremely accurate temperature determination.

Compact and flexible

An outstanding feature of the new 6 contacts ODU-MAC® module is its versatile configurability. It can be flexibly combined with other media in the connector. Despite its compact design, it can be equipped with up to three thermocouples. Customers benefit from a reliable solution designed for at least 5,000 mating cycles.

Quickly ready for use

The thermocouple pin and socket crimp contacts of the ODU-MAC® module are available in K and T types. The stamped contacts are mounted as usual using the clip principle and are further facilitated by the coloured marking. If the thermocouple module is integrated into the connector together with the thermoelectric cables, you get a ready-to-use solution.

For more information about the module, please visit the ODU website or take a look at the product overview here.

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Maria Schiller

Product Marketing Specialist