The increasing importance of online product searches in a networked world - ODU Product Finder as an innovative solution

Mühldorf am Inn, January 26, 2024

In recent years, the digital transformation has not only affected and changed the B2C market, but also the B2B sector. One of the most notable changes is the increasing importance of online product search engines. Companies are increasingly looking for efficient and time-saving methods to find business partners and suppliers and to evaluate products and services. In this context, online product search is rapidly gaining relevance in the B2B sector, as it not only speeds up searches but also facilitates access to global markets.

As a leading international manufacturer of connectors, ODU recognizes the need to support traditional product search methods while also continuously investing in the further development of the ODU Product Finder, ODU’s online search engine.

Interview with Dominic Krieg, Digital Product Management Expert at ODU

1. What needs does the ODU Product Finder fulfil for your users?

Our Online Product Finder enables users to find the right product in just a few clicks. The processing of the wide range of variants using filter criteria makes the search considerably easier compared to conventional catalogues. Our users can not only call up concise product information, but also configure product variants themselves. The integration of 3D data for download rounds off the offering. The result is a comprehensive, efficient and user-friendly product search process.

2. How has the use of online product portals developed over time, and what trends or changes have you observed?

The use of online product portals has increased significantly over time. Digital search options have been further developed so that they not only enable efficient product searches, but also increasingly focus on personalized user experiences and comprehensive data accessibility. The ongoing trend shows an increased integration of design data, a broader product range and an increased focus on user-friendly, intuitive search functions to meet the growing demands of users.

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