ODU‐MAC® Silver‐Line – applications

Autonomous service robot

The autonomous cleaning robot ADLATUS follows the trend towards digitization and automation in industry. When it needs to charge, it automatically returns to its docking station, in which a robust ODU‐MAC® Silver‐Line docking solution is installed. This is pre‐wired at ODU and can transmit fluids, power, and signals thanks to its modular design.

The cleaning robot supports workers by performing physically arduous or monotonous cleaning work; for example, in supermarkets, hospitals, or airports. It can move independently, even over several floors, by communicating with elevators.

Remote controlled telescopic mast

The TARM (Telescopic Articulated Remote Mast) is located in the RACE test facility operated by the British company UKAEA. Operated by remote control, TARM can be deployed inside the fusion reactor to perform maintenance work in extremely challenging environments: High radiation doses and temperatures as well as limited access pose a great challenge for this robotic system. It must remain operable at all times without failure.

TARM consists of a vertical telescopic mast and a horizontal telescopic boom. A connector solution consisting of the ODU‐MAC® Silver‐Line and the ODU‐MAC® White‐Line is installed on each of the three joints of the telescopic boom. This combination optimally meets the customer’s requirements thanks to a modular design for the transmission of different media, high packing density, data and fiber‐optic transmission, as well as the use of highly radiation‐resistant LCP insulators.