High-speed data technology in medical technology

Mühldorf am Inn, October 09, 2023

Permanent performance and high failure protection are of vital importance in medical technology. As a specialist for interfaces, ODU develops and produces individual systems as well as standard solutions for medical applications. From MRI-devices to endoscopy, the system solutions are developed according to the strictest regulations and applicable standards.

When exchanging information between different participants and devices; communication protocols form the basis, defining different framework conditions for data transfer. A distinction is made here between standardized network protocols such as TCP/IP and data transfer protocols such as HDMI® (High Definition Multimedia Interface) or USB® (Universal Serial Bus).
A suitable connection system is always an optimal interaction of three central components: connectors, termination technology and suitable cable. Only through connection with the appropriate cable and a process-safe connection can a connector meet the requirements of the respective customer application.
Depending on the application, standardinterface plugs are often not sufficient, especially in medical technology. If the operating conditions are too demanding, for example due to vibrations, contamination or moisture.

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Nicol Schindlbeck

Head of Corporate Communications