ODU sets standards for IEC 60601-1 connectors in medical technology

Mühldorf am Inn, October 23, 2023

Medical technology plays an increasingly important role in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients, making IEC 60601-1 a cornerstone of the industry. This standard ensures that medical devices are not only technologically advanced, but also efficient and meet the highest safety standards.

Connectors as an interface

Medical devices must meet a variety of criteria throughout their lifecycle from development to disposal. As part of the medical device, connectors regulate the interfaces that enable smooth communication between different components. Medical devices are usually connected to the general power supply network and thus pose a latent danger to patients and operators. IEC 60601-1 defines clear requirements to ensure that such devices function reliably under the intended conditions of use while minimizing potential hazards.

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Daniel Klemisch

Product Marketing Specialist