ODU AMC® – applications

Interface between the sensors and measurement instrument

The ODU AMC® including an assembly with a spiral cable is used as a resilient interface between the sensors and a measurement instrument. Thanks to the connector’s robust design, the measurement results remain reliable and precise even under severe stress, such as vibrations.

The VIBSCANNER® 2 measuring instrument acts as a high‐speed data collector for condition monitoring and thus ensures optimum system performance, in this case for a roller coaster.

Read more in issue 01/2019 of STECKVERBINDER, starting on p. 24

Operating and control unit for communication systems

Complex mission situations require innovative and flexible communication systems. The CT-MultiPTT 3C by CeoTronics is a central operation and control unit, which can simultaneously coordinate three independent communication circuits. Full duplex, simultaneous "radio traffic” is possible on all channels. Alternatively, a connection via Bluetooth® is possible, e.g. to a cell phone.

The combination of the extremely robust ODU AMC® with break-away function and CT-ComLink® technology allows connected headsets or radios to be detected and the optimal audio configuration to be set for perfect voice transmission.

Unmanned helicopter system for both civilian and military use

The Airboxer from HighEye is a multifunctional ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) platform that is able to access locations that are difficult for other systems to reach. The NATO STANAG 4738-compliant platform can be adapted to a variety of mission requirements or applications and can be easily integrated into challenging environments.
ODU AMC® connectors are used for the ground control system and are ideal for military and security power applications due to their easy handling and robust, break-away design. This connector is designed to withstand rugged conditions and has been tested to meet MIL-STD-810H standards.