A complete profession under stress

Mühldorf am Inn, February 10, 2023

According to the MLP Health Report 2022, even without the pandemic and other crises, a worrying development has been emerging for quite some time. Ongoing demographic changes will lead to declining revenues, rising expenditures and an increase in shortage of professional health care workers. Good care is only possible with a sufficient amount of skilled staff. However, it is precisely this problem that all medical institutions are familiar with, not only in rural areas. Massive succession problems are also forecast for the future due to retirement of ageing health care staff, especially in structurally weak areas. This applies not only to doctors, but also to practice and nursing staff and it is becoming increasingly difficult to not only recruit new personnel, but also to retain the existing staff. In order to combat the shortage of qualified personnel, better working conditions such as, for example, more time for patients, the furthering of higher education and better remuneration are important.

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