Medical technology

Example applications

Bodyshaping with electromagnetic pulses

The device Z Tone by Zimmer MedizinSysteme enables muscle contraction via electromagnetic pulses. As a result, cells, tissues, organs and bones can be penetrated without damage, thus improving the function of cells and cell membranes. The ODU-MAC® White-Line connects the applicators to the device.

Djo Kiboti, Senior Sales Manager International at Zimmer, showed at the Compamed trade fair how easy it is to plug in the high-quality, modular ODU connector systems.


Inhalation devices

As a specialist in effective inhalation, PARI uses an application-specific system solution in hermaphrodite design in various devices of the eFlow® oscillating membrane nebulizer platforms. These are used both in the homecare sector and in the clinic as part of clinical evaluation studies. The ODU connector solution forms the interface between the controller and the nebulizer.

  • System solution with assembly
  • Individual and compact design
  • Low mating and unmating forces

Medical balance vest for posture correction

The ReMoD orthosis is an electronic biofeedback device that helps patients with neurological posture problems to control their posture and movements. The ODU MEDI‐SNAP® circular connector ensures a constant power supply between the system’s sensors and electronics.

The sensors installed in the vest enable detection of incorrect posture and body movements. Electrodes placed on the body prompt the wearer to correct their posture via electrostimulation.

Transportable ventilator / defibrillator

The MEDUMAT/MEDUVENT ventilator includes ODU SPRINGTAC® contacts in the docking station with charging interface (Life Base) and ODU MEDI‐SNAP® as an interface between the various SPO2 and ECG devices and the power supply.

The ODU receptacles that are used achieve 2 MOOP & 2MOPP (Means of Operator Protection & Patient Protection) and are thus compliant with IEC 60601-1. Thanks to their interface function, they can also withstand a high number of mating cycles.

Mobile X-ray machines

The ODU-MAC® Modular Connector serves as the interface between a mobile X-ray machine and a monitor cart. It transmits high current, data and signals.

The mobile X‐ray unit provides precise 3D images for intraoperative quality assurance and offers individual images and various perspectives during surgical procedures.

Horse inhaler

In this inhalator for lung treatment of horses, the ODU MEDI-SNAP® with break-away function connects the humidifying device with the control unit. Completely moulded, it can be used immediately and allows particularly intuitive mating thanks to the individual arrow coding.

Coil connector for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a technology that is used in medical diagnostics. All leading manufacturers worldwide use ODU-MAC® Connectors as the reliable interface between the various patient coils and the MRI machine and between the separate coils. Besides ease of use, non-magnetic materials are a critical factor in these applications. Even the cable assembly contains no magnetic components.

Docking connector for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

The docking connectors provide contacting for the patient couch in the magnetic resonance imaging unit. In this case, a solution based on a customised docking frame is used. The modular principle allows transmission of coax, signals and fibre optics, among others. As soon as the patient couch is inserted, it automatically connects to the MRI unit via the connector. The complete system solution is non-magnetic.

Operating table and couch system

ODU SPRINGTAC® Contacts are used to supply power to operating table and couch systems. Maximum failure protection and reliable performance are essential in medical technology. Thanks to their high reliability and durability, as well as their current‐carrying capacity, the ODU contacts form a perfect connection between the table and the battery unit.

Autonomous disinfection robot

The ODU-MAC® Blue-Line guarantees a secure connection between the cleaning body and the vehicle. The system’s well thought-out design is modular in nature. The simple, self-centring connection allows easy replacement of the air-cleaning attachment with a different attachment, such as a ward-round trolley in nursing environments or an attachment for transporting drinks and products.

Intraoral camera system

Intraoral camera systems are used to capture digital images in the oral region. On these high‐performance cameras, plastic circular connectors serve as the interface between the camera and the imaging software. The camera system provides valuable assistance during dental treatments and gives patients a better understanding of the procedure.

Dental treatment unit

Dental treatment units require many different interfaces to meet a wide range of requirements. ODU SPRINGTAC® Contacts provide optimum functionality as a high‐performance interface between the motor and instrument hoses. The ODU Connector System is particularly suitable for such applications due to its extremely high contact safety.

Device for plasma medicine

To simplify the treatment of wounds that are difficult to heal, ODU has developed an application‐specific connector solution for a plasma‐medicine device that transmits high voltages of up to 10 kV.

The cold plasma technology creates an effective wound dressing for chronic wounds, such as those caused by diabetes. The cold plasma kills germs and promotes the growth of blood vessels, which accelerates wound healing.