ODU LAMTAC® – applications

Electric Surfboard Hydrofoil

The electric Surfboard Hydrofoil from Lift Foils requires a connection with a high current‐carrying capacity. Due to its maximum speed of 40 km/h, the connector must also be shock, vibration, and corrosion resistant, and sealed to prevent the ingress of water. In this case, the ODU LAMTAC® with a current‐carrying capacity of up to 2,400 A proved to be the optimal solution.

A custom solution based on ODU LAMTAC® Contact Technology serves as the interface between the speed controller, motor, and battery. The ODU MINI‐SNAP® Series K is also used for the secure transfer of sensitive data between the battery and the control unit. This particular solution is characterized by extreme reliability, a robust metal housing, and a high degree of watertightness.

Busbar-mounted contacts

The ODU LAMTAC® Socket with male thread is suitable for easy mounting on busbars. This contact system ensures optimal transmission properties and serves as an ideal connection point in decentralized power supply systems, as well as for rapid connections in testing facilities.

Drive system for snow groomer

Inside the snow groomer’s drive system, ODU lamella contacts form an interface between the inverter and the electric drive. For this customer‐specific solution, the high‐current ODU LAMTAC Contacts were integrated into the smallest of construction spaces.