ODU System Solutions for High End Dismounted Soldier Systems (DSS)

Mühldorf am Inn, January 30, 2023

We combine several individual parts into a composite whole and refer to this as a system. Similar to a chain, a system is only as strong as the weakest link. This simple insight presents us with many challenges. Interactions arise between the individual parts, the application and environmental influences. Interesting are therefore not only the individual parts, but the connection and the mutual influence.  

Networking brings advantages

In the military sector, sensors, databases and individual weapons, but also military units are connected to form a system. Instead of operating individual platforms, the interaction of vehicles, unmanned drones and emergency services becomes the focus. The exchange of large amounts of data is also possible. This networking enables faster action, increases protection and mobility. An improved information base provides a basis for decision-making, especially in crisis situations. A decisive advantage in use.  

Impact of digitalization

Military operations have changed requirements. Modern digitized technology is no longer sufficient. Artificial intelligence (AI) plays an essential role and increasingly complex amounts of data are becoming increasingly important. Situational awareness depends on artificial intelligence. From the monitoring of the vital systems of the emergency services to the transmission of real data for vehicles and corresponding alarms, mobile networking has become indispensable. In the future, the number of platforms and sensors in use will continue to increase, adapted to the needs of the operator, from the soldier in action to the command personnel in the operations center.


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