Military and security applications


Operating and control unit for communication systems

Complex mission situations require innovative and flexible communication systems. The CT-MultiPTT 3C by CeoTronics is a central operation and control unit, which can simultaneously coordinate three independent communication circuits. Full duplex, simultaneous "radio traffic” is possible on all channels. Alternatively, a connection via Bluetooth® is possible, e.g. to a cell phone.

The combination of the extremely robust ODU AMC® with break-away function and CT-ComLink® technology allows connected headsets or radios to be detected and the optimal audio configuration to be set for perfect voice transmission.

Field communication and power supply units

To control and distribute power and data in military applications, a secure power supply and reliable field communication must be guaranteed. Factors such as reliability, real-time communication and robustness must be ensured. By optimally fulfilling these requirements, the ODU-MAC® White-Line is used as a high-quality, modular connector system in military applications and offers the possibility of numerous different transmission options in just one interface.

Military vehicles and UGVs

Military vehicles and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) must be able to operate in extreme environmental conditions while still guaranteeing reliable communication and data exchange in real time. UGVs require many sensors and a fail-safe electrical connection for automatic situational awareness and early detection of threats. The ODU-MAC® Silver-Line is used as a robust interface for military vehicles and UGVs due to its vibration and temperature resistance, among other things.