Termination technology for the perfect connection

Reliable contacts are at the heart of every connector. The connection between the connector and cable is one of the central elements. The professional execution of the cable assembly and the quality of the connection in the termination area have a major impact on the overall performance.

  • Proven termination types for reliable complete systems
  • Hybrid solutions tailored to your needs
  • Options: signals, power, high current, high voltage, RF signals (coax),  media such as air or fluids, data transmissions, and fiber optics
  • Design of the connection technology in the development phase (e. g., crimp qualification)

Quality assurance for the highest standards

Wherever extreme environmental conditions prevail, the termination area of a plug‐in connector system is also under constant stress:
Strong vibrations and forces, high and low temperatures, and fluctuating temperature cycles all influence the chosen termination technology and related components.
When developing and manufacturing our connector systems, we therefore pay attention to uncompromising quality to ensure that all requirements are met.

Expanded Beam Performance

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Support during assembly

Should you decide to assemble your connectors independently, our crimping instructions will help you to connect them correctly.

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