Cable assembly for your customized system solution

Get everything you need from a single source! To create a connector system that is right for you, we ensure the optimal interaction of three central components: the ODU Connectors, the optimal termination technology, and a suitable cable. For example, for an application involving high currents or temperatures as well as high‐speed data transmission, whereby reliable tightness is also important, it is not enough to simply offer a high‐quality connector – and disregard the associated termination technology or cable assembly. A connector can only meet the requirements for your application in combination with the right cable.

  • High‐speed data technology
  • Standard and customized overmoldings
  • Custom labeling and cable printing
  • Sample, small series, and large‐scale production
  • Worldwide availability through 5 international production sites

Individual cable assemblies

We realize in house cable assemblies for

  • Modular connectors
  • Circular connectors
  • Electrical contacts
  • Customized solutions
  • If required, we can also integrate third‐party products with an ODU Connector

High‐speed data technology
and high‐frequency transmission

Rapid available complete solutions in 100% tested quality and any length with no minimum order quantity.

Your ready‐made system solution from a single source

Whether you need standard products or customized solutions, with ODU you get your finished connector from a single source. From concept to development to the finished system solution – you deal with the same person at ODU through all production steps to ensure a quick and efficient solution.

Medical technology

Customized solutions for your medical technology applications that guarantee permanent performance and reliable failure protection.

  • Silicone‐overmolded system solutions
  • Autoclavability and easy cleaning
  • Certified in accordance with ISO 13485
  • Medical technology testing to ISO 10993–5

Test and measurement technology

Complete system solutions based on your specifications – for reliable inspections and resilient results in test and measurement technology.

  • Complete solution including data cables
  • Suitable for industrial/harsh environments
  • Test reports available in accordance with common standards

Military and security applications

Reliable connector solutions that meet your requirements – even under extreme environmental conditions and high loads.

  • Cable assemblies for harsh environments
  • Durable and lightweight with straight or right‐angled overmoldings
  • High‐speed data technology

Everything you need from a single source

Thanks to our in‐house expertise, we provide you with the complete package

Our efficient overall process for you!

Through our many years of experience, we implement high‐quality cable assemblies that undergo a 100% final inspection. We produce molded connectors using the silicone, hotmelt, or high‐pressure processes – precisely tailored to your requirements. We thus produce reliable and durable complete systems in partnership with leading cable manufacturers. Furthermore, you always have a single point of contact – from the conceptual design to the final implementation.

Fast delivery of system solutions

To ensure that we can quickly build samples or prototypes, we carry a large selection of cables and third‐party products in stock, which are immediately available for further processing. This saves you time and resources during the design and implementation phases of your projects.

Customized overmoldings for small series

Flexible overmoldings: As a special feature in the field of cable assembly, we offer overmoldings for prototypes and small series in custom shapes. We can thus ensure extreme flexibility with short lead times and low prices. We ensure worldwide availability thanks to state‐of‐the‐art manufacturing facilities at all locations.

  • Prototype tool: up to 1,000 pieces
  • Small‐series tool: up to 5,000 pieces
  • Large‐series tool: from 5,000 pieces

FAQ about cable assembly

For which ODU products do you offer cable assembly?

Our circular connectors, modular connectors, and customized solutions are available with cable assembly. We also offer individually assembled electrical contacts.

What are the requirements for cable assembly at ODU?

If an ODU Connector is used at one end of the cable, we generally assemble all the associated products. This means we can also assemble third‐party products.

What are the advantages of cable assembly by ODU?

Above all, cost and time savings! You deal with the same person at ODU when ordering both connectors and cables – for fast delivery with zero stress.

What are the advantages of ODU’s standard cables?

In addition to fast quotations, we also guarantee rapid availability with our standard cables, for example for sampling.

Are any other cables available, besides the standard ones listed in the catalog?

Cables other than those listed in the catalog can be used on request or to meet specific requirements. If necessary, we can find special cable solutions for your custom projects thanks to our close partnerships with leading cable manufacturers.

What is the minimum order quantity if I want to have my connectors assembled by ODU?

From small batches to high‐volume production, anything goes! Thanks to our dedicated sampling process, we can provide prototypes and functional samples with very short lead times. Thanks to our high vertical range of manufacture, we can produce and assemble everything in‐house – from a single source.

What are the advantages of a molded connector?

If a connector is molded, then the design can be optimally adapted to the connector geometry and the cable jacket. Customized geometries and colors are also possible with overmoldings. In addition, they provide improved strain relief and kink protection. In terms of the overall process, these solutions are also more cost‐effective than using conventional grommets.

Are customized overmoldings possible?

Yes, even for small batches, customized overmoldings are available at cost‐effective prices.

Do you have questions about cable assembly?