High-voltage connectors

When it comes to developing and designing high‐voltage connectors, the real challenge lies in dealing with the reciprocal influence, ensuring the necessary dielectric strength, and meeting the increasing demands for miniaturization. We are able to master these complex interactions thanks to our many years of experience – and our particular expertise in – partial discharge voltages, clearances, and creepage distances.

The issue of partial discharge voltage must be taken into account in accordance with the IEC 60664 series of standards.

  • Safe high‐voltage applications – including in hybrid connectors
  • Many years of experience in the design of high‐voltage connector solutions
  • In‐house cable assembly


Standard solutions

Our portfolio includes standardized solutions that have already been successfully used in a wide range of applications. In addition, we can develop customized connector solutions specifically for your requirements.

ODU-MAC® Blue-Line

The 2‐contact ODU‐MAC® Blue‐Line high‐voltage module has been specially designed for high‐voltage applications based on Blue‐Line connectors. For example, this module is already being used for high‐voltage measurements in battery storage systems.

ODU-MAC® White-Line & Silver-Line

With our ODU‐MAC® White‐Line & Silver‐Line we can offer a standardized solution with a rated impulse voltage of up to 6,300 V.


The high‐voltage‐capable inserts for the ODU MEDI‐SNAP® enable reliable transmission in accordance with IEC 60664–1. In addition, „hot‐plugging“ is avoided thanks to the specific pin layout and lagging contacts within the smallest installation space.

Connector systems with compact dimensions

Reciprocal interactions – higher creepage distances and clearances to insulation must be maintained in the high‐voltage range, which makes the development of connectors with a small footprint both a special challenge and one of our particular strengths.

Measuring partial discharge

Using our in‐house test stand for partial discharge measurement, we check, test, and optimize the long‐term stability of our high‐voltage connectors.


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