Metal connectors with three locking types

Three locking variants
High vibration resistance
Simple assembly process
Cable assembly included

ODU AMC® Series T includes three compatible locking options: push‐pull, break‐away or screw‐lock. ODU AMC® Series T offers even greater robustness and flexibility for all proven applications. Choose the appropriate locking system, size, cable connection, insert, and number of contacts to suit your requirements.

  • Waterproof in accordance with MIL‐Standard 810
  • Operating temperature range from –65 °C to +175 °C
  • Sealed mechanical components, thus completely protected
  • Suitable for MIL backshell and MIL crimp contacts
  • High flexibility thanks to push-pull, break-away or thread-lock technology
Various configuration options

Protection against water, dirt, and dust: The ODU AMC® Series T can be configured entirely in accordance with your application and requirements. You can choose from connectors in two sizes – the cable connection is available both as a molded variant and with standard MIL backshells (MIL standard 38999). The plugs can be easily assembled in the field even under difficult conditions – the individual contacts can be easily replaced or repaired in situ by military personnel.

Commercial applications

Our vibration‐resistant and waterproof connectors are used wherever robust connections are required! We know that vehicle and machine operators need the flexibility to repair or adjust the connectors themselves in the field. Which is why the ODU AMC® Series T offers easy handling – both for repair and assembly – so you can work reliably with heavy construction equipment or agricultural vehicles.

The „T“ stands for „Triple“

Three locking variants can fit on one connector or receptacle: Push‐pull, Break‐away or Thread-lock


The right locking device for every requirement

Robust under high loads and extreme temperatures, resistant to dust, water and vibration – that's what ODU's connector systems stand for. Depending on the situation, the requirements for the locking system are different.

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ODU AMC® High-Density
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ODU AMC® Threaded
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ODU AMC® Series T
ODU AMC® Series T
IP Class mated Up to IP6K9K Up to IP6K9K Up to IP6K9K Up to IP6K8 Up to IP6K8 IP68
IP Class unmated IP68 IP6K8 IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68 (for overmolded and potted connectors only)
Keying Pin and groove Pin and groove Pin and groove Pin and groove Pin and groove Pin and groove
Mating-cycles > 5,000 > 5,000 > 5,000 > 2,000 > 500 > 2,000
Termination technologies Solder, PCB Solder, PCB Solder, PCB Solder, PCB Solder, Crimp, PCB Solder, Crimp, PCB
Shell material Aluminum Aluminum Brass Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Plating Ruthenium Ruthenium Ruthenium Tin-Nickel Tin-Nickel RoHS compliant black carbon
Operating temperature range –51 °C to +125 °C –51 °C to +125 °C –51 °C to +125 °C –51 °C to +125 °C –65 °C to +175 °C –18 °C to +71 °C

ODU Fiber Optic – for reliable optical connections

Solutions for harsh environments and a high number of mating cycles, as well as for standard requirements.

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