ODU-MAC® Blue-Line

Modular connectors for high flexibility

Manual mating / automatic docking
Easy handling
Minimum 10,000 mating cycles
Optionally available with cable assembly

The ODU‐MAC® Blue‐Line includes connectors that offer an ideal manual‐mating solution, as well as variants for automatic docking. Thanks to their modular design, you can choose from different frame sizes and modules as well as housing types – for a customized system. This means that a wide range of transmission media can be combined in one connector tailored to your specific application.

  • Ultra‐compact connector
  • Clip‐in assembly/removal of the modules without tools
  • Wide range of locking options (e. g., spindle, lever, push‐pull)
  • Transmission types: signal, power, high current, RF signal (coax),  compressed air, fluid coupling, data, and fiber optic
  • Wide range of plastic and metal housings
  • Easy replacement of crimp‐clip contacts, even when assembled
Manual mating

The ODU‐MAC® Blue‐Line gives you the option of manual mating. Various locking types are available: lever, transverse, and spindle or push‐pull locking. Thanks to the modular design, you can configure your rectangular connector entirely in accordance with your needs – including tailored cable assembly.

Automatic docking

Automatic docking is also an option with the ODU‐MAC® Blue‐Line. Four different frame sizes are available for this purpose. You also benefit from the large variety of modules and easy assembly.

Spindle locking

The proven ODU Spindle Locking is a quick‐action locking system that is designed for at least 10,000 mating cycles. It is simply installed as a module in the ODU‐MAC® Blue‐Line frame. This gives you a convenient and space‐saving twist lock that is unique on the market.

Tool‐free, clip‐in assembly

For applications that require a high degree of flexibility. The ODU‐MAC® Blue‐Line allows tool‐free, clip‐in assembly and disassembly of the modules in the connector frame. Due to this easy assembly method, the connector is quickly ready for use.

Variety of modules

Modular design - choose from a variety of modules and configure your connector as required. You also benefit from the continuous expansion of our module range. Signal, power, high current, RF signal, compressed air, fluid, as well as data or fiber optic can be combined in one interface.

Data transmission

The universal, shielded data module of the ODU‐MAC® Blue‐Line offers different transmission variants: USB® 3.2 Gen 1x2¹, HDMI®¹ 2.1, DisplayPort®¹ 2.0, CAT 5 or CAT 6A. Reliable transmissions at high data rates is guaranteed for at least 10,000 mating cycles.

¹) These ODU‐specific connectors can transmit common data transmission protocols such as USB® 3.2 Gen 1x2, HDMI® 2.1 and DisplayPort® 2.0, but they are not USB®-, HDMI®- or DisplayPort® -standard connectors.

ODU‐MAC® Product Finder

Which type of connector do you need? This online tool makes it easy to configure your modular connector in accordance with your requirements.

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ODU-MAC® Blue-Line
ODU-MAC® Blue-Line
ODU-MAC® White-Line
ODU-MAC® White-Line
ODU-MAC® Silver-Line
ODU-MAC® Silver-Line
ODU DOCK Silver-Line
ODU DOCK Silver-Line
Mating cycles> 10,000> 100,000100,000 up to 10 million100,000 up to 10 million
Mating principleManual mating, automatic dockingManual matingAutomatic dockingAutomatic docking
Automatic docking option1 frame, 4 sizes8 frame varieties, individual length
LockingPer spindle / Locking lever / Push-Pull (PUSH-LOCK)Per spindle / Locking lever / Snap-In (ZERO)
HousingAvailable in plastic and metalAvailable in plastic and metal3 housing varieties available in plastic and metal
Strain relief housing
Highest packing density on the market
Non-magnetic version
EMC-protectionOn module basis + PUSH-LOCK housingOn module basisOn module basisIn metal housing
Quick-change head option
Variety of modulesODU-MAC® Blue-LineODU-MAC® White-LineODU-MAC® Silver-LineODU DOCK Silver-Line
SignalUp to 33 A / 2,5 mm²Up to 27 A / 1,5 mm²Up to 27 A / 1,5 mm²Up to 27 A / 1,5 mm²
PowerUp to 58 A / 6 mm²Up to 119 A / 16 mm²Up to 119 A / 16 mm²Up to 119 A / 16 mm²
High currentUp to 225 A / 50 mm²Up to 225 A / 50 mm²Up to 225 A / 50 mm²Up to 225 A / 50 mm²
PE moduleUp to 25 mm²Up to 25 mm²Up to 25 mm²
High voltageUp to 4 kV / 1 mm²Up to  6,3 kV / 1,5 mm²Up to 6,3 kV / 1,5 mm²Up to 2,5 kV / 1,5 mm²
HF-Signal (Coax)Up to 12 GHzUp to 9 GHzUp to 9 GHzUp to 9 GHz
Compressed air-0,8 up to 12 bar-0,8 up to 20 bar-0,8 up to 20 bar-0,8 up to 20 bar
FluidUp to 10 barUp to 25 barUp to 25 barUp to 10 bar
Fiber optic POF / GOF
Transfer rates / High-speedCAT 6A / USB® / HDMI® *CAT 6A / USB® / HDMI® *CAT 6A / USB®1 / HDMI® *CAT 6A / USB® / HDMI® *
PCB termination moduleincl. quick-change system
Optional pin protectionIntegrated with 20-pin signal moduleModule can be freely positionedModule can be freely positioned
Termination technologyCrimp / Solder / Print through PCB termination modulesCrimp / Solder / PrintCrimp / Solder / PrintCrimp / Solder

* These ODU specific connectors can transmit common data transmission protocols such as HDMI®, USB®and Ethernet, but they are not HDMI®­, USB®­ and Ethernet­ standard connectors.

ODU Fiber Optic – for reliable optical connections

Solutions for harsh environments and a high number of mating cycles, as well as for standard requirements.

ODU‐MAC® Blue‐Line housing types

ODU‐MAC® PUSH‐LOCK with push‐pull locking

The compact, sealed housing of the ODU‐MAC® Blue‐Line. The ODU‐MAC® PUSH‐LOCK combines the demands for high‐quality, customized connector solutions with simple push‐pull locking in an ergonomic housing.

ODU-MAC® RAPID with spindle locking

Fast mounting and secure locking. The ODU‐MAC® RAPID Housing with spindle locking offers significant time savings during assembly and servicing. You benefit from fast assembly of the connector due to the half‐shell principle.

Challenges of medical technology – ODU-MAC® Blue-Line solutions

Are you looking for a hybrid connector suitable for medical applications? Our experts are in front of the camera for you: Tobias Eder (Product Manager Rectangular Connectors) and Mathias Wuttke (Business Development Manager Medical) give an overview of the modular interfaces. Find your medical connector!