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Circular connectors

Locking types for circular connectors


ODU's "break‐away connectors“ were developed to allow connection changes within a few seconds. With this type of locking, simply pulling on the cable is sufficient to release the connection. Especially in medical technology, this can be a matter of life or death in emergencies.

  • Quick and easy unlocking by pulling the cable
  • Change connections in seconds
  • Reliable data transmission
  • Maximum operating reliability
  • Mechanical and optical keying

After mating, the automatic locking mechanism prevents unintentional disconnection – even if the cable is under tension. Nevertheless, the connectors can be demated with little effort if necessary. This form of locking is required in the field of test and measurement technology – to ensure accurate transmission of measurement data at all times.

  • No unintentional demating
  • Unlocking is only possible by deliberately pushing back the outer sleeve
  • Demating only requires minimal force
  • Suitable for test and measurement applications, among others

Our proprietary Thread-Lock makes connectors even more resistant to vibration and shock. Even with strong vibrations, our Thread-Lock mechanism guarantees secure transmissions and makes your connector highly shock resistant.

  • Secure locking under all conditions
  • No accidental unlocking
  • High transmission reliability
  • Shock and vibration resistant

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