Plastic circular connectors

Push‐pull or break‐away locking
Reliable & lightweight
Min. 5,000 mating cycles
Cable assembly included

Due to its space‐saving design, high contact density, and right angle options, the ODU MEDI‐SNAP® ensures top performance even in the smallest available space. We offer flexible complete systems consisting of push‐pull or break‐away connectors, cables with suitable assembly and mechanical or optical coding.

  • High‐voltage solutions for up to 1,000 V AC
  • Touch protection in accordance with IEC 60601–1 (up to 2 MOPP / 2 MOOP)
  • Minimal requirements in terms of installation and maintenance
  • Transmission of various media
  • Fully sterilizable
in size 3.5

There are many possible applications for this plastic connector. The ODU MEDI‐SNAP® in size 3.5 is used in the medical field as well as in industrial electronics or measuring and testing technology.

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in size 3.5

Special inserts for hybrid solutions offer space for more signals also in combination with the transmission capability of power and fluids. Customized solutions to accommodate additional media such as coax or fiber optics, are possible. A signal-only version accommodates 41 contacts.

Sterilizable plastic connector

Fully sterilizable and robust for medical applications! The plastic connector is compatible with all common sterilization methods in medical technology and offers the highest level of touch protection in accordance with IEC 60601–1 (2 MOPP/ 2 MOOP).

Low total weight

A real lightweight: Thanks to its plastic housing, the ODU MEDI‐SNAP® is up to 75% lighter than comparable metal products. These weight savings offer a decisive advantage, especially for mobile devices.

ODU MEDI‐SNAP® – applications

Flexible, reliable, and compact: ODU MEDI‐SNAP® is the right solution for applications in medical technology, test and measurement technology, as well as industrial electronics.

Compare products

ODU MEDI-SNAP® Disposable
ODU MEDI-SNAP® Disposable
ODU MEDI-SNAP® Disposable Receptacle
ODU MEDI-SNAP® Disposable Receptacle
Multiple / Single Use Multiple Use Multiple Use Disposable System Solution Disposable Receptacle Multiple Use
Locking principle Push-Pull Break-Away Break-Away Push-Pull Break-Away
IP Class mated Up to IP64 (size 1 & 2) / Up to IP67 (size 3.5) Up to IP67 (size 1) / Up to IP64 (size 2) Up to IP67 IP50 IP67
Mating cycles 2,000 5,000 (size 1) / 2,000 (size 2) 25 25 1,000
Termination technologies Solder, Crimp, PCB (size 1 & 2) / Solder, PCB on request (size 3,5) Solder Crimp PCB Solder
Coding options (optical) Arrow marking, Color coding Arrow marking Arrow marking Arrow marking Arrow marking
Transmission options Signal, Power, Coax, Fiber Optic, Fluids (liquids and gases) Signal, Power Signal Signal Signal

The different locking types compared


The ODU MEDI‐SNAP® with push‐pull locking lets you establish a connection in less than a second. After mating, the automatic locking mechanism reliably prevents unwanted release – even if the cable is under tension. The connection can only be released by deliberately pulling back the outer sleeve.

  • Quick mating without unintentional release
  • Vibration‐resistant locking
  • Unlocking is only possible by deliberately pushing back the outer sleeve


The ODU MEDI‐SNAP® Break‐Away Connector was developed for connections that need to be mated or unmated in seconds. The break‐away function ensures immediate disconnection if required.

  • Emergency unlocking in seconds
  • Reliable data transmission
  • Maximum operating reliability

ODU MEDI‐SNAP® Disposable

With the ODU MEDI‐SNAP® Disposable you get a reliable, economical, and disposable solution that can be used for at least 25 mating cycles. It is especially suitable for demanding medical applications requiring a high number of disposable connectors, such as patient monitoring, electrophysiotherapy, dermatology, endoscopy, catheterization, ventilation, and dental applications. The ODU MEDI‐SNAP® Disposable is available as both a Receptacle solution and a System solution.

ODU MEDI‐SNAP® Disposable Receptacle

This economical solution includes a disposable receptacle for the ODU MEDI‐SNAP® Push‐Pull Connector, with a simple clip‐in system for front‐wall mounting.

  • Compact receptacle as a disposable solution
  • Up to 34 contacts in a space‐saving design
  • Compatible with all MEDI‐SNAP® Push‐Pull connectors in Size 2

ODU MEDI‐SNAP® Disposable System Solution

The Disposable System Solution includes a complete system consisting of connectors, cables, cable assembly, and overmolding as a disposable solution. The complete system is available with a white or gray connector and a compatible white cable.

  • Number of contacts: 2 – 8
  • Break‐away solution in Size 1
  • Compatible with all MEDI‐SNAP® receptacles and in‐line receptacles in Size 1
  • Protection class IP67

ODU Fiber Optic – for reliable optical connections

Solutions for harsh environments and a high number of mating cycles, as well as for standard requirements.

ODU MEDI‐SNAP® High‐Voltage – quick and easy assembly

The ODU MEDI‐SNAP® Push‐Pull series includes a wide range of different plastic circular connectors. Seen here is the ODU MEDI‐SNAP® High‐Voltage Connector, which enables reliable transmission of up to 1,000 V AC. To make the assembly process easier, take a look at our step‐by‐step video guide.

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