Interoperability in military systems: ODU AMC® Series T - Key to efficient networking and innovation

Mühldorf am Inn, August 29, 2023

The interoperability of systems in the military sphere plays a crucial role during modern military operations. It allows different armed forces and units to work together seamlessly, exchange information and use resources efficiently. Inadequate communication and data exchange between the different systems leads to malfunctions, inefficiencies and security risks.

Interoperability drives development at ODU

It is precisely these requirements that have a major influence on product development. The current geo-political situation shows how important it is that Allies must be able to support each other quickly with defense systems. Crews and maintenance and aftercare logistics must also be able to adapt to the new systems without much preparation time. ODU is looking for holistic solutions with various approaches. Be it with adapter solutions, as a partner in the development of comprehensive solutions or with innovative connectivity solutions such as the ODU AMC® Series T.

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