Custom hybrid connectors solve many interconnect dilemmas

Camarillo, December 9, 2022

The new ODU technical white paper focuses on the necessity of custom hybrid connector solutions and cables, as a means of solving space limitations, wiring complexities and cost issues when interconnecting multiple disparate systems for both military and commercial industries.

Oftentimes when developing or assembling a product or a system, multiple input/output interfaces are required. Power, communication signals, sensor interfaces, and in some cases fluid and gas connections all take up space individually, and can result in a connection real estate challenge as well as a cable management nightmare. This paper discusses how it is possible to combine several interface types into a unitized or modular interface as a means of reliably simplifying connections and saving space. It also addresses the issue of interconnecting devices that are signal compatible, but which have physically incompatible interface connectors from different manufacturers, so that no off-the-shelf cable can satisfy the need. The solution – custom hybrid cables.