FAQ about our modular connectors

Which ODU‐MAC® line is right for my application?

All ODU‐MAC® product lines are characterized by a modular design. This means that different transmission media can be combined within one interface. ODU offers modular connectors both for automatic docking and as manual mating solutions.

The ODU‐MAC® Silver‐Line and ODU DOCK Silver‐Line product lines are hybrid interfaces for automatic docking and robotic systems. They are therefore extremely robust, fail‐safe, vibration resistant and designed for at least 100,000 mating cycles.

The ODU‐MAC® White‐Line is the first choice if you need manual mating with a housing. This product line impresses thanks to its extreme durability and failure/contact safety for at least 100,000 mating cycles, which make it suitable for special challenges. On request, the ODU‐MAC® White‐Line and Silver‐Line products are available as non‐magnetic versions.

The ODU‐MAC® Blue‐Line Connector usually has a housing and is used for manual mating. At the same time, these products are cost‐efficient, extremely compact, and offer great flexibility. They guarantee 10,000 mating cycles and more.

Which housings are available and how do they differ?

We offer plastic and metal housings in the colors black, gray, or white. Depending on the product line, you can choose between different locking types: lever or transverse locking, spindle locking, snap‐in or push‐pull locking. Our sales team will be happy to help you choose.

What can I transfer via a modular connector?

With a modular connector, different media can be flexibly combined and transmitted within one interface. These include signals, power, high current, high voltage, RF signals (coax),  media such as air or fluids, as well as data transmissions and fiber optics.

Where can I assemble my individual connector?

You can configure your custom connector on our website – in the Product Finder under „Modular Connectors“. We would also be happy to advise you in person and help you choose the right products. Simply contact our sales team for professional advice.

How are the modular connectors assembled?

The assembly instructions and notes for the respective modular connectors can be found here.

Videos on general product topics are also available here.

If you have any further questions about the assembly or functionality of our products, please contact sales@odu-usa.com.

Where can I find information about the required tools?

You will find the appropriate tools for our products in the Assembly Tools section of our website.

Does ODU offer the modular connectors with cable assembly?

From an order quantity of a single unit, you can configure your ODU‐MAC® Connector with cable assembly. Please note that cable assembly is only possible in combination with at least one ODU Connector.

What are the delivery times for modular connectors?

ODU Express shipping is available for all standard products in our modular connector range. ODU can ship up to 15 modular connectors to its customers within 15 working days – worldwide. Please note that delivery times may vary depending on the ordered goods. For details, please contact us at sales@odu-usa.com.